Interesting Facts about the Moon

If you want to read some interesting facts about the Moon, this is the article for you. Moon is the only Earth’s satellite. The Earth’s inhabitants have been enjoying the beauty of the night sky for thousands of years. Your romantic evening would never be so amazing without the Moon up there, right? Can you imagine the evening sky without the Moon? However, what do we know about the Moon, except that it is beautiful? Let’s find out more about this amazing and mysterious celestial body.

Facts about the Moon

• Many researches have been done in order to find out more about the Moon. Scientists have made some great discoveries about the Moon and the possibility of making a station there.

• Titanium supplies on the Moon’s surface have also attracted some attention, so new researches have been made.

• Moon is the fifth largest satellite in our solar system.

• The distance between the Moon and the Earth is around 385,000 kilometers. It is not too far, is it?

• The Moon’s gravity is much different from that of the Earth. Your weight on the Moon would be much different (smaller) than this weight you have on the Earth. Relativity, remember?

• The first men to land to visit the Moon were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin. This great event took place in 1969.

• One day or one night on the Moon would last for about a month. Day temperature on the Moon is considerably higher than the night temperature.

• The Moon has a great impact on the Earth’s sea tides. In addition, this celestial body is considered very influential when it comes to other activities on Earth. Full moon and other lunar changes are believed to influence not only the Earth but also its inhabitants.

• Situation when the Moon finds itself right between the Earth and the Sun is called “total solar eclipse”.

• The Moon has a great astrological significance. Horoscopes and other types of predictions are made according to the Moon and its phases. The Moon is also a symbol that can be found in many myths and legends. Even today, people still believe in some of the stories about the Moon. According to these beliefs, some things shouldn’t be done during the full moon, while other things should be done exactly during this phase. We are not certain about the myths, but we are quite certain about the great influence that Moon has on our planet.

• Many of us will agree that a romantic evening is almost impossible without the moonlight and the magic it spreads.

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