Interesting Facts about Spain

Madrid, Spain

If you have never been to this great country, read some interesting facts about Spain! You will find this country truly amazing and you will probably spend your next vacation there! Spain is located in the southwestern part of Europe, precisely – on the Iberian Peninsula. Famous Canary and Balearic Islands – heaven on Earth – are parts of this very country.

Interesting Facts

– The most popular drink in Spain is Sangria. This is a sort of a sweet cocktail: a mixture that includes fruit, red wine, just a small measure of brandy and honey.

– The most popular fun event is running of the bulls. This actually takes place right on the street: bulls are released and men run ahead of the bulls. Interesting, isn’t it?

– Some of the world’s most famous artists came from Spain like Picasso, Velazquez, Dali Goya, Federico Garcia Lorca and Miguel de Cervantes. Modern artists who come from Spain are Penelope Cruz, Almodovar, Antonio Banderas, The Gypsy Kings, Rafael Nadal, Fernando Alonso, and many others.

– “Latin charm” is a special kind of charm! When we say “Latin charm”, most of us means seductive accent, sun tan, dark hair, beautiful eyes and great energy.

– Dance and singing are favorite fun activities in Spain. Spanish people are passionate dancers and nearly everyone in Spain dances very well.

– The most popular sport in Spain is soccer. Some of the famous clubs Spanish, and so are the famous soccer players.

– Barcelona was the host for the Olympic Games held in 1992.

– Spain was under Muslim rule for more than three ages. Today, Catholicism is the dominant religion in Spain.

– Paella is one of the most popular foods in Spain. There are two basic versions of paella: with all kinds of meat and the one with seafood.

– This country is a monarchy. Juan Carlos I is the Spanish king. He came after Franco, who had an absolute power in the country, which lasted for more than thirty-five years.

When you say “Spain”, what do you think about first? Is it music, dance, food, sun, beautiful woman, Latin lovers? This country is incredibly vivid and colorful. Spanish people are dynamic, fun loving, friendly and openhearted. Hot summers and ever-going fun festivals keep attracting many tourists from all over the world. Everyone who comes to Spain wants to come back again. Do not expect to see everything, since there are so many things to see! You will certainly have to come back again to see more interesting sites.

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