Interesting Facts about Puerto Rico

Here are some interesting facts about Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Sea and consists of one main island (named Puerto Rico) and other small islands. All together, they belong to the group of Antilles. The name “Puerto Rico” means “rich port” in Spanish. Another poplar name for Puerto Rico is “The Island of Enchantment” or “La Isla del Encanto”.

Puerto Rico is a republic, but the head of Puerto Rico is actually the U.S. President. Christopher Columbus first discovered Puerto Rico. He pronounced this land Spanish territory in fifteenth century. By the end of the nineteenth century, Puerto Rico became the. U. S. territory. Today it is a free land, but still under U. S. governing. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, people who are born in Puerto Rico are all treated as the citizens of the United States of America.

The official currency in Puerto Rico is U.S. dollar. People who live in Puerto Rico think of them selves as of Americans, although they call themselves “Boricuas” or “Puertorriquenos”.
Languages spoken in Puerto Rico are both English and Spanish. The climate is pleasant during the whole year, so it is great or tourists. Another curiosity is that Puerto Rico takes part in “Miss Universe” independent from the United States. Beautiful women of Puerto Rico have been winning this competition for five times. Puerto Rico was the host of Miss Universe contest in 1972. It was the first time that a Latin American country hosted this event.

Puerto Rico beaches are beautiful. They keep attracting tourists from all over the world. But during the season of hurricanes, Puerto Rico is not a place you should travel to. However, this place remains one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. Tourists are very pleased with Puerto Rico exotic foods.

Another interesting fact about Puerto Rico is its mascot, a small frog – “Coqui”. The most popular sport in Puerto Rico is rooster-fighting. Another curiosity is that Puerto Rico has the most powerful radio telescope in the world.

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