Interesting Facts about Pablo Picasso

Here are some interesting facts about Pablo Picasso. You have probably heard about this great man. This man made a great contribution to arts. He changed the way of looking at arts and the world as well. He made a sort of revolution in the world of arts. We will tell you more about this great man. His arts are extremely valuable not only in the terms of money, but also for what they represent. An entire new culture is created thanks to this man.

Facts about Picasso

♦ Picasso’s full name is a very long one. We simply know him as Pablo Picasso or just Picasso. Picasso’s father was also a painter. He was teaching arts at the Crafts School. As you can see, Picasso’s early life was related to arts. He started attending the Academy of Arts, but that lasted only for a year.

♦ 1900 was an extremely important year for Picasso. He went to Paris and he felt like he was home. He lived there with his friend, a journalist Max Jacob. They didn’t really live too well, since the times were hard and they didn’t have much money. Picasso used to burn some of his paintings just to warm the room. Can you imagine that? He couldn’t have dreamed that these paintings would be worth of millions! One year later, Picasso made himself an editor of the Arte Joven Magazine. He was the one who made the illustrations for the magazine. His early life was quite dynamic. He was enjoying the life in Paris and everything that this place could offer him. He used to have many women and mistresses. Some of his women can be seen in his paintings.

♦ Picasso married in 1918. Olga Khokhlova, ballerina, became the wife of Pablo Picasso. They had a son, Paulo. This marriage ended due to class differences and major lifestyle differences. This was understandable, since Picasso was leading a bohemian life.

♦ After the separation from his wife, Picasso started a new relationship with a woman who was considerably younger. Her name was Maria-Therese and this relationship continued for a long time. They had a daughter – Maia. Maria-Therese wanted to marry him, but he never did. This woman seemed to love him. Just a few years after his death, she committed suicide by hanging herself. Picasso died in 1973. He died in a bohemian style.

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