Interesting Facts about Neptune

Here are some interesting facts about Neptune. This planet is also called “The Blue Giant”. It is located between Pluto and Uranus. Neptune is four times bigger than the Earth. It is not easy to see it, since it is very distant, but that didn’t prevent scientists from learning more about this planet. Let us find out more about Neptune.

Interesting facts about Neptune

– There are several theories about who discovered Neptune. Galileo had seen it, but without being aware, that what he had seen was actually a planet. Other astronomers had seen it, too, but no one knew what it really was. Back then, telescopes were not so precise, so one could not really see much.

However, William Hershel discovered Uranus in the 18th century, and after this discovery, scientist became interested to find out if there were other planets beyond it.

– It was 1843 when John C Adams calculated Neptune’s position. He shared his discovery with George B. Airy, but Airy did not respond. After Adams, other astronomers have been trying to find out more about Neptune. One of them was Urbain. Today, we believe that both Urbain and Adams should be credited for this discovery. This is one of the interesting facts related to Neptune discovery.

– Neptune got its name after a Roman god. Being blue in color, this name was appropriate, because Neptune is the sea god. Urbain could have named the planet after himself, but this never happened, and the planet was named after a Roman god, just like most other planets.

– Neptune is composed of iron, nickel and some other materials. Elements like ammonia, methane, and water and found inside its core. Neptune’s atmosphere is composed of Helium, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methane and water.

– Neptune is mostly composed of gas. Its color actually comes from gases found in its atmosphere. Sunlight is reflected in such way that the planet looks blue. In addition, methane found in the Neptune’s atmosphere also makes the planet appear blue.

– William Lassel saw a Neptune’s moon for the first time just seventeen days after the discovery of Neptune. The first moon that was discovered was named Triton. Triton was actually orbiting the Sun and not Neptune, which made it quite similar to other planets. After this moon, another was discovered one century later. Today, we know about thirteen moons of Neptune.

– In 1989, Voyager 2 went to visit Neptune. This spacecraft was the only one to have been to Neptune. This was an opportunity to learn more about Triton, too.

– Neptune has five rings. These are LeVerrier, Galle, Lassel, Adams and Arago. The rings were named after five astronomers who had been studying Neptune. Neptune’s rings are believed to be younger than the Uranus’ rings.

– One day on Neptune is shorter than one day on Earth. Neptune needs more than 60000 days to complete its revolution around the sun. This means that one year on this planet is much longer than one year on Earth.

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