Interesting Facts about Monkeys

Here are some interesting facts about monkeys. We think we know something about these animals, but what do we really know? We wanted to find out more and here is what we have found. The word “monkey” is used for the simian primates (not the apes). What is the difference between monkeys and apes? Well, monkeys have longer tails and they are smaller. These are some obvious differences. Keep reading to learn more about monkeys!

Interesting Facts about Monkeys

– Even though monkeys are smaller than apes are, some of them can weight more than a hundred pounds.

– Monkeys can be dangerous, since they can spread simian herpes, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

– We all know that monkeys like bananas, but they first peal them before eating!

– Monkeys are mostly active during the day, but there is a species called the Owl monkey. These monkeys are active during the night.

– Monkey brains are served as delicacies and these are eaten in Africa and Asia.

– Some species, like squirrel monkeys, grow up to ten inches.

– There are 21 monkey species that are listed as endangered species.

– Pygmy Marmoset is the smallest monkey in the world. This little animal is only five inches tall!

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– The largest monkey is Baboon. These monkeys can be very noisy. They can also be a kind of moody. Sometimes, they are aggressive toward other animals, and very dangerous, even for leopards and other large mammals.

– Monkeys can sometimes gather into groups that count several hundreds of them!

– Monkeys mostly feed on fruits, small animals, eggs, insects, seeds and leaves.

– Monkeys are known as social animals. They can be seen in groups that count up to hundred monkeys (and more!)

– Monkeys have a strict social hierarchy in their groups.

– Monkeys are great swimmers, but they don’t really like water.

– In India, monkeys are worshiped because there is a monkey god in the mythology of India.

– Monkeys can sometimes be aggressive toward humans. However, there area cases of beautiful “friendships” between human beings and monkeys.

– Smaller species are often kept as pets. It is actually great to have a monkey as a pet, since they learn very fast and keeping them brings a lot of laughter and joy! However, if you want to keep a monkey as a pet, you must know a lot about monkeys and you must have a good veterinarian. There are many small species that can be kept as pets, but you must choose the right one, depending on your climate conditions and other factors.

– Monkeys are used in shows and entertainment business, because they are skillful, funny and they learn very fast. Sometimes they are more skillful than humans are!

Now that you know these interesting facts about monkeys, perhaps you will want one as a pet! Just make sure to choose a small species, since large monkeys are very strong and sometimes their temper is hard to control. They are aware of their own strength and any authority is difficult to maintain with these monkeys.

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