Interesting Facts about Jupiter

Here are some interesting facts about Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest of all planets in our solar system. It is located between Saturn and Mars. After the Moon, Sun and Venus, Jupiter is the fourth brightest celestial body. Jupiter is a gas planet. We still don’t know who discovered this planet, but we do know that the Romans named it after the Roman God Jupiter. This name was given because of its brightness and powerful appearance in the night sky.

Galileo Galilei first noticed the moons of Jupiter. Fifty years later, Cassini started observing the planet and made some interesting discoveries.

Jupiter Facts

• The first spacecraft sent to explore the planet was Pioneer 10. This was done in 1973. Several more expeditions were done in order to study this planet. In 1995, a spacecraft was sent by NASA to orbit the planet, and it is still orbiting around it.

• Jupiter is much different from our planet. It is composed of Helium and Hydrogen. Jupiter’s core is composed of rock and metallic hydrogen.

• The first moons of Jupiter were discovered by Galileo. These are called the Galilean satellites. The moons were named after Greek Gods.

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• Do you know that we can see Jupiter? It is so big that we do not need a telescope to see it. You don’t need any powerful telescope to see Jupiter and its moons. They are in constant motion.

• The total mass of this planet is nearly 318 times greater than that of the Earth. When it comes to size, nearly 1300 Earths could fit in just one Jupiter. According to some speculations, if it grows any larger, it will start shrinking.

• Jupiter has its rings. These are much darker than the Saturn rings and they are quite difficult to see.

• The Great Red Spot of Jupiter (known as GRS) is something like its mark. This “mark” was first noticed by Cassini in 1665. Jupiter’s surface is stormy and rather dynamic. The storms that take place in the Red Spot area are quite strong. Do you know that the Red Spot area is two times bigger than the Earth?

• Jupiter’s color is something between yellow, orange and brown. The Great Red Spot is more like dark red.

• One day in Jupiter has 9.9 hours.

• Jupiter rotates very fast. In fact, this planet’s rotation is faster than rotation of other planets. However, Jupiter’s trip around the Sun is long and slow. It takes nearly 12 Earth years for Jupiter to make a full revolution around the Sun.

• It is impossible to land on Jupiter, because there is no a solid surface there at all! As we said, Jupiter is composed mostly of gases. If you tried to jump onto Jupiter’s surface, you would just sink into the gas clouds and the pressure would do the rest. So, it would be impossible for a human being to land on this planet. However, we can observe it and enjoy its beauty.

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