Interesting Facts about Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Here you can read some interesting facts about Japan. This beautiful country with long and rich history has so many wonderful sites and places for the tourists to visit. If you have never been to Japan, you should definitely go and find out more about this great culture. We all know that many great things come from Japan. Just remember Japanese cars!

Japanese People

Japanese people are known to be very hard working. Even when there was a strike in a shoe factory in Japan, they didn’t stop working.

Of course, they have been manufacturing only the shoes for one leg, but nevertheless, they kept working. They are also known as very pragmatic people who never waste their time. They have a very strong sense of belonging, when it comes to their society. They managed to merge together their long tradition and modern values. That way they succeeded in preserving their traditional values.

Interesting Facts about Japan

Speaking of Japanese passion for work, did you know that there is a word in their language that describes “death from too much work”? It is pronounced “karoshi”.

The next interesting thing about Japan is that they do not have much criminal activity in their cities.

Timber is consumed in Japan in great measures. They also smoke a lot.

The only foreign language that is taught in their schools is English.

Japan has more than 3,100 islands. The main are Shikoku, Honshu, Hokkaido and Kyushu.

The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is the biggest city in the world (by population).

Earthquakes are very common in Japan. Over 1,000 earthquakes take place in Japan per year.

Japan is the only country to have been ever attacked with a nuclear weapon.

Their national food is believed to be very healthy. It is served worldwide.

If you ever go to Japan, do not ever blow your nose out on the street or in any public place. They find it extremely rude. However, smoking in public places is OK!

Japanese people like rice and tea very much. They can eat rice any time. Rice is served in various ways.

Now, here is something that we are not quite sure about, but it still sounds interesting. Japanese girls allegedly cut their hair after a break up! Men shave heads when they want to express their regret and trying to apologize for something.

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