Interesting Facts about Ireland

Here are some interesting facts about Ireland. This country has a long and interesting history. It is located in the northwestern part of Europe. It borders with Northern Ireland (which is a United Kingdom territory). The size of this land is around 84,500 km2. Great part of the land is the property of the Republic of Ireland, and smaller parts are the property of Northern Ireland. Ireland consists of 26 counties.

The Government

♦ Ireland has a parliamentary government system. It also has a President, who is elected every seven years. One person can serve for fourteen years the most.

♦ Council of State is another important political institution, which has a great role in political life in general. Prime Minister is appointed by the President of Ireland. The Irish Parliament is composed of the Lower House and the Senate.

The Economy

♦ The economy of Ireland has been changing during the past decades. This country used to be an agricultural country, but nowadays it depends on industry and trade as well. In fact, the industry sector is the major one. Export is also a well-developed branch of their economy.

Interesting Facts

♦ Many historical places are still being preserved, like the Castle of King John and the Limerick Island. Irish castles are famous worldwide and tourists love to come here and see them.

♦ Some famous artists used to create their magnificent works right here, in Ireland.

♦ Ireland is also called the “Emerald Island”

♦ You can hear Gaelic being spoken, since it is commonly used, beside English and Irish.

♦ Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the great holidays. This man was to one who brought the Christian religion to the country. According to their beliefs, Saint Patrick will judge them when the judgment day comes (not Jesus).  Great part of the population (in fact, majority) are Roman Catholics.

♦ According to some sources, there are no snakes in Ireland – you can only see the lizards. No one can tell for sure why it is so.

Some famous Irishmen are Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, George Bernard Shaw, Richard Harris, W. B. Yeats, James Joyce, Pierce Brosnan, Samuel Beckett, George Clooney, Colin Farrell, Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, and Cillian Murphy. Did you know that? Many fans believe them to be Americans, but they’re not!

♦ If you are planning a romantic holiday, go to visit some of the Irish famous castles. These are the national monuments and they are very well taken care of. Beautiful landscapes and nature will certainly make you come back to Ireland!

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