Interesting Facts about Gold

Here are some interesting facts about gold. Gold is a metal known for its luxury. The name “gold” came from word “gelo” – yellow. It got its name after its color, as you can see. However, the symbol for gold is “Au” – from “Aurum”, the Latin name for gold. Gold has always been a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Gold symbolizes luxury and prestige. This hasn’t changed a bit! Even today, gold is considered a symbol of money and wealth.

Interesting Facts about Gold

• Do you know that all metals are more or less white in color? Only copper and gold differ.

• Gold is a noble metal. It cannot corrode and it is not acid-soluble.

• Gold can be found in many spots on our planet, but the largest amounts of gold are found in oceans.

• Gold is mostly used for making jewelry. In fact, the largest amounts of gold are used for these purposes. It has been so for centuries!

• Only 10 % of gold is used for other industrial purposes.

• Carat is the unit of gold purity. Pure gold has 24 Carats.

• South Africa is probably the biggest gold producer.

• India is the biggest user of this metal.

• Gold is used in industry – especially in making electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones, etc. Gold is a great conductor of electricity. It is also used in spacecrafts, as a protection from solar radiation effects.

• Gold is used in dentistry.

• Some people are allergic to gold. It is not as if they don’t like wearing it, but their skin reacts to gold.

• Wedding rings are traditionally made of gold.

• There are various types of gold jewelry. You can see the difference between certain types of gold jewelry – some of these are whiter, while others are more yellow or even a bit orange in color.

• Gold is the safest jewelry to wear. For example, some people cannot wear silver, due to skin sensitivity, but they usually have no problems with wearing golden jewelry.

• Gold symbolizes wealth and luxury. Even today, many fashion accessories are made of gold. There are incredibly expensive gadgets that have gold incorporated, like mobile phones, shoes, smart phones, etc. Sometimes, even cars are decorated with gold.

That was all about gold. If you want to buy a present for someone, you won’t go wrong if you buy some gold jewelry. Buying a golden ring for a girl, usually means one thing. However, golden rigs can be bought for other purposes, too. Golden jewelry can be bought for kids, as a present for special occasions. Other golden objects are also used as gifts for those who are special to you. Gold will probably remain a symbol of luxury and prosperity for a long time. The status of this metal hasn’t changed for centuries. Now you know more about gold. You may be quite unaware that electronic devices in your home have gold in them. However, don’t touch the gold and let your devices work! Gold is needed for some of these to function!

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