Interesting Facts about Girls

Ok, boys, here are some very interesting facts about girls. We bet you want to know what’s inside their heads. Well, this can be a hard question. Sometimes, girls have no idea what’s inside their heads. But we have talked to hundreds of them, and we think we have learned something about them. The greatest thing about all of us is that we’re all so different. Sometimes we don’t know what we want. How can we blame girls for not knowing what they want?

A Few Interesting Facts about Girls

– Girls are more mature than boys are. However, this doesn’t make them easier to understand.

– They are emotional, but they rarely show how they really feel.

– When they show how they really feel, they often get hurt, and after that, they will probably never show you their feelings again.

– Some girls know how to control their emotions. These girls can easily learn how to control a boy’s emotions, too. However, some girls cannot control their emotions, and they are like open books. These girls are honest and they can never lie to you, but it seems that boys find them a bit … predictable. And this is when we have to ask you, boys, why are you complaining, then? If she finally learns how to show her feelings, does it make her boring? It seems that some boys really love mysterious girls, even though they’re always complaining about girls being mysterious.

– Girls usually make decisions based on how they feel. Sensibility is stronger than common sense.

– Every girl likes to hear some nice words. If you say something nice, make sure you sound honest!

– We thought that girls like gossiping. This is true to some extent. (We used to judge girls for gossiping, until we found out that boys like gossiping, too.)

– We also thought that girls like when things are clean. We used to believe that everything in a girl’s room has its place and everything is in its place. However, there are exceptions.

– Girls tend to have a caring attitude. They simply …care about things. They tend to be more sympathetic than boys are.

– Girls love to be asked for an advice, but they are very careful in situations when they have to ask for an advice. They will only talk to someone they really trust.

– A girl can be very quiet, but her mind is always active!

– You can lie to girls, but there are great chances that you will be caught in lie eventually.

– Girls love to be accepted by your friends, too. If you show your affection in front of other people, your girl will be very happy. Girls love being loved, so why would you hide your love anyway?

– Now, here is something that boys and girls have in common. Being faithful is one thing. Being desirable is another. So, if she is in a relationship, she will let other boys chase her, but not because she wants any of them, but because she wants to show you that you must appreciate being with her.

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