Interesting Facts about Germany

German Bundestag

Here you can read some interesting facts about Germany. Germany is one of the leading European countries. It had a turbulent history, but today this country is on of the most powerful European countries, with perfectly organized economy and other spheres of life.

Some famous people who have definitely changed the world came from Germany, like Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler.

Federal Republic of Germany is located in western part of central Europe, surrounded by Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria.

Germany Facts

German economy is the largest economy in Europe. This country is also a member of G8 and NATO. All important international organizations have their representative offices in Germany. Berlin is the capital, but there are other important cities like Munich, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf.  Many historical events took place in Germany. Germany was even divided into two parts. This happened in 1949. These two parts were German Democratic Republic (communist part) and Federal Republic of Germany (democratic part). Berlin wall separated these two nations.

Major population is German (more than 91 per cent). There are also Turks, and other nations like Italians, Greeks, Russians, and Serbs. The dominant religion is Protestantism, but there are also Catholics and Muslims.

Germany has its President, who can have two terms in row. The country is divided into 16 federal states. Euro is official currency that has replaced the German Mark. German law is derived from Roman law.

The most popular sport in this country is soccer. In Europe, soccer is called “football”. +49 is the German international code, and .de is the country’s Internet code.

Did you know that the Holocaust Denial is considered a crime in Germany?

Some of the famous sportsmen come from Germany. Many great scientists came from this country, too. Some of the greatest theorists and philosophers are Germans. People who live in Germany are known to be very precise, calculative and hard working. Germany is famous for the idea of perfect system. This can be said for all its public services. Nearly everything is functioning flawless. People are well organized when it comes to work, but leisure time as well. This nation is known for the discipline, but they certainly know how to enjoy their holidays. If you have never been to Germany, take a trip and see it yourself! You will be pleased with everything this country has to offer.

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