Interesting Facts about George Washington

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Here are some interesting facts about George Washington. Perhaps you already know much about this great man, but there are facts that are still little known to most of people. Read the article to find out more! George Washington was the first U.S. President. Basic values this man believed in were patriotism and justice.

George Washington Fun Facts

He was born in 1732, in Virginia. He was a son of Mary Ball Washington and Augustine Washington. Most people still believe that George Washington was a mason. These claims seem to be true. George Washington’s wife was Martha Dandridge Custis. Washington is the first (and the only) U.S. President to be unanimously chosen for this duty.

Washington was not very tall. He weighted around 198 pounds. He did not go to any school or college. He was educated by his brother and father. Washington’s favorite desert was ice cream. One of the very first ice coolers that were brought to the Untied States was actually brought for him to use in the house. He also loved fishing and hunting. He had several horses and also liked hound dogs.

His favorite day was Friday. He was born ion Friday (February 22), he put the White House foundation stone on Friday; Constitutional Convention elected him for a President on Friday, and his term was also finished on Friday. According to certain sources, Washington had an IQ of 125. Nevertheless, he was not able to make the difference between some letters. However, regardless of that,  he did all the bookkeeping work by himself! Washington wore dentures, since he didn’t have any teeth. Because of the false teeth, his inauguration speech (which was very short) lasted for an hour and a half.

Plans for the capital of the U.S. that was named after G. Washington, were made with his assistance. However, George continued living in Mount Vernon. He actually never lived in the newly founded capital, Washington.

George Washington did not have any children. He had a stepdaughter, but she died in 1773. His stepson also died. Both of these young people were sick. Washington’s stepdaughter was suffering from epilepsy, and his stepson died due to meningitis problems. George Washington was there when both deaths happened.

George Washington is probably the most important personality in the American history. His images are still everywhere. Washington (state) is actually the only state in the U.S. that has an American name. George Washington died at 67, in Virginia.

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