Interesting Facts about France

If you like France or want to know more about this country, here are some interesting facts about France.

France is a country with a long and glorious tradition. Some of the most beautiful works of art are created in this very country and some of the famous people who ever lived were French. Today, we can see a great mixture of tradition and modernity in France. Paris is still a synonym of love, romance and arts.

Museums, beautiful squares, the Eiffel Tower, music and arts in general – are all the trademarks of this beautiful country. France has more than 66 million inhabitants. It is one of the leading countries of Europe. It shares boundaries with Andorra, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Monaco.

There are 7 large mountain ranges in France and five big rivers. France is also called ” L’Hexagone” because of its shape. British king Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine, which led to three hundred year long British rule in this country. One of the most favorite foods here is cheese. You can find more than one thousand different cheese sorts in French stores. The vine they make is world famous. French nation is one of the greatest wine producers in the world. The areas with glorious wine making tradition are: Champagne, Provence, Bordeaux, Loire and Burgundy. French people drink wine very often and they do not think of it as of something luxurious. Beer is more luxurious than wine for the French people!

The only European Disneyland is located in France. The Statue of Liberty was actually made in France. One of the biggest world’s museums, the Louvre, is in France. This country is also a birth place of the Baroque and the Gothic style.

If you have never been to France, we recommend you to go and see as much of it as you can. You won’t regret it!

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