Interesting Facts about Florida

Destin Pass, Florida

Here you can read some interesting facts about Florida. Great part of this wonderful U.S. state is situated on a peninsula. This state is amazing and many visitors keep coming back to Florida. Numerous caves, springs and beautiful nature will probably leave you breathless.

What Are the Most Interesting Facts about Florida?

The oldest tribes to inhabit this territory were the Tocobago, the Apalachee and the Ais. They had been living there for ages, far before the European settlers came to this land.

The medieval name for Florida was “Tegesta”.

The first settlers to come to Florida were the French and the Spanish. However, Spanish influence was not as strong as that of the French.

By the middle of the twentieth century, Florida was not a very populated state.

One of the largest rivers is called the Everglades River. When it comes to Florida rivers, there is another interesting fact: There are two rivers in Florida that have exactly the same name – Withlacoochee River!

Florida climate is tropical. The highest temperature here was 108.9 Fahrenheits, and the lowest was minus two degrees.

Comparing to other U.S. states, Florida is ranked fourth on the list of the most populated states. Its economy is very good. Tourism is one of the major economy branches, so as agriculture.

Prevailing religion in Florida is Roman Catholicism. There are also Jews and Protestants.

Florida got its first minimum wage law in 2004. Before that, there was no law to regulate minimum wages.

If you visit Florida, you should also see “Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Garden”, with many great sculpture works; „Murder Watch – Mystery Dinner Theater”, a great fun for all the adventurers; “Amazing Exotics”, where you can see numerous animals and actually spend some time with them. “Museum of African American Art” is another interesting place you should visit in Florida. “Museum of Arts and Sciences”, Buchler Planetarium, American Police Hall of Fame and Police Museum, and Salvador Dali Museum are also great places to see.

“American Police Hall of Fame and Police Museum” has more than ten thousand interesting items, including interesting vehicle used by police force, a gas chamber, an electric chair, mini-jail, as well as old firearms and uniforms.

Another interesting object you can see here is the original car used in the “Blade Runner” movie.

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