Interesting Facts about England

Windsor Castle

Here are some interesting facts about England! England shares its borders with Scotland and Wales. The name ‘England’ came form Angles, a Germanic tribe that have been living on this territory in the 5th and 6th century.

Did you know that England is the most populous country among all Britain constituents, covering 2/3 of the Great Britain southern parts?

Climate in England is temperate, with rain during the whole year. Nearly ever Englishman has an umbrella in his suitcase or purse every day, since the rain is never a surprise for people who live in England.

English economy is a very large one; as large as the fifth in the world and the second in Europe. There are more than hundred European large companies that are centered in London.

Main industry sectors are aerospace, arms, pharmacy, chemical, and hardware. London imports butter, tea, metals, raw sugar and meat. Those are the most imported merchandise. The most exported merchandise is beef. Many countries import beef from England, like Spain, France, Belgium and Netherlands.

English tourism is also well developed economy branch. Of course, the center of tourism is London.

English official currency is the Pound Sterling. London Stock Exchange is the biggest stock exchange in the whole European continent.

Other Interesting Facts about England

Did you know that English people simply love tea? They consume enormous amounts of tea. All kinds of tea are consumed in England.

One of the oldest public zoos n the world was built in 1828, in London.

In 1850, the first modern Olympic Games were held in England.

Windsor Castle is probably the most famous building in England. This old royal residence is still being used. It is enormously big and very well preserved. Anyone who comes to England wishes to see it.

The oldest modern chained library is in England (Hereford Cathedral). Almost every book can be found here.

In 1280, the Lincoln Cathedral finally overtook the Giza Great Pyramid. It was crashed down in 1549.

English people are known to their specific kind of humor. Some call it ‘sarcasm’, but it is truly a humor! They are also known to have very good manners, according to what most visitors say.

If you have never seen England, you definitely should. London is a big city and it is certainly hard to see all of its sites, but you can make a priority list. This is not easy to do, since one can not decide which site to see first. However, seeing London sites will definitely be a great experience for you.

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