Interesting Facts about Earth

The Earth from Outer Space

Here are some interesting facts about Earth! We should try to learn more about our beautiful planet and keep doing our best to preserve it.

Our planet is more than four and a half billion years old. For what we know, our planet is the only one that is inhabited. Facts about Earth have been discussed for ages, including all the theories about its shape. Today, we know a lot about our planet, but we are quite unaware that it is endangered by our own actions.

Some Interesting Facts about Earth

Our planet is not really a perfect sphere. Its shape more looks like an ellipse. It is the fifth by size and the third from the Sun. Our planet’s name came from the word “erda”, meaning “ground”. The Earth needs about twenty three hours, fifty six minutes and nearly five seconds to make a full rotation around the axis. You can assume that this takes one day or 24 hours.

All living creatures on Earth, including ourselves, of course, are here thanks to gravity, which is not exactly the same in every place on Earth. The Earth’s moving speed (while it is moving around the Sun) is approximately nineteen miles per second. Our planet was first photographed from outer space in 1959. The first human who saw the Earth form space was Yuri Gagarin. This happened in 1961.

The Earth’s crust is composed of Potassium Oxide, Silica, Iron (II) Oxide, Alumina, Carbon dioxide, Phosphorus Pentoxide, Magnesia, Lime, Water, Titanium dioxide, Iron (III) Oxide and Sodium Oxide.

The Earth’s Natural Resources

What we should not forget are the Earth’s natural resources. We use them to improve the quality of our lives and we find the useful. However, this kind of activity can endanger our planet in the long run. Some of the resources we use are not renewable. We exploit or planet, but sometimes it seems like we are not aware that we should stop for a moment and think about the future. We use the water supplies, but also other kinds of natural resources and we believe that we get the benefits. However, these activities result in general pollution and our environment is getting unhealthy. Many species are today endangered, water is polluted, so as the air.

The future of our planet depends on us, so as the future of our children and the entire mankind. Perhaps one man can not do much, but if each of us tried to preserve his own environment, things would certainly be better.

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