Interesting Facts about Dolphins

Here you can read some interesting facts about dolphins. These animals are believed to be very intelligent. They are very social and friendly. According to what some scientists say, dolphins are somehow related to cow and camel families. Can you believe this? There are nearly thirty-two types of dolphins. Most dolphins live in salt water, but there are some dolphins that live in fresh waters. A fully-grown dolphin eats approximately twenty kg of fish daily. The fish they eat depends on where they live. Dolphins know exactly how much food they need. This depends on the type of fish they eat.

Interesting Facts about Dolphins

• Bottlenose dolphins are well studied. These dolphins live for fifty years, which is considered a very long life for an animal. Although average life span of dolphins is never longer than 25 years, some species can live twice as much. This is the case with bottlenose dolphins.

• Dolphins have a very friendly attitude towards humans. They can be trained for various shows and they can easily learn how to do all kinds of stunts. Dolphins always symbolize something nice and noble. In nearly all cultures, these animals symbolize joy, health and playful spirit.

• Unfortunately, dolphins are endangered, so efforts should be made in order to protect these animals. People should be more educated when it comes to these animals.

• Although we believe that dolphins are very intelligent, the truth is that we do not really know much about their intelligence. It is not so easy to measure a dolphin’s intelligence. All we can do is study their behavior. What we know is that they learn very fast, which leads us to conclude that they are intelligent creatures.

• Do you know that dolphins are capable of recognizing their own reflection in the mirror? This self-awareness is probably the most interesting thing about dolphins.

• People who are ill are often advised to spend some time near these animals, because they are believed to have healing effect.

• Do you know that dolphins sleep with one open eye? One part of their brain is always very active, even in their sleep.

• Dolphins use whistling sounds to identify each other. The noise they make is actually very pleasant for listening.

• As we said, there are more than thirty different species of dolphins. Here are some different types of dolphins: Common dolphin, Bottlenose dolphin, Commerson’s dolphin, Killer Whale, spotted dolphin, Atlantic Spotted, Risso’s dolphin, Hector’s dolphin, Striped dolphin, Fraser’s dolphin, Black dolphin, Peale’s dolphin, Irrawaddy dolphin, Dusky dolphin, Hourglass dolphin, the Spinner dolphin, etc.

• These animals are related to porpoises and whales. Some of the dolphins truly resemble whales. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether it is a whale or a dolphin. They are not only similar in body constitution, but in color combination, as well.

• If you visit some public aquarium, don’t forget to take your kids to see the dolphins! Sometimes, visitors are allowed to swim with dolphins. This is an amazing feeling. Swimming with these friendly large mammals is quite an experience.

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