Interesting Facts about California

There are many interesting facts about California. This country is famous for many beautiful sites and other interesting things that can be seen there. Hollywood is just one of them. Google and Yahoo headquarters are also located in California (Silicon Valley).

California is also known as the “Golden State” because of the gold found within its area. This state occupies number one position on the USA most populated states list.

The capital of California is Sacramento. Other famous cities are San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles. There are fifty-eight counties and four hundred and eighty towns in California.

The name “California” probably came from the Spanish word for “wide bay”.

History of California

Spanish conquerors came to California in the eighteenth century. Back then, California was called “Alta California”. Spanish conquerors colonized both Alta California and Mexico. In 1821, both territories won their independence. In 1846, Mexico and California separated.

In 1847, California officially became one of the U.S. territories. In 1950 it became one of the U.S. states.

Summer Olympic Games were held in 1932 in California, so as the Summer Olympic in 1984. California was also the host for the 1960 Winter Olympic Games.

Other Interesting Facts about California

The Central Valley is the place where most of the American food is produced. California climate is mostly Mediterranean. Some parts of the state have sub arctic climate. One of the most beautiful National Parks in located here. It is the Sequoia National Park, where you can see the biggest trees in the world.

The highest point in the U.S.A. is located in California (Mount Whitney), as well as the lowest U.S. point (The Death Valley).

There are great risks of floods, earthquakes, landslides and wildfires in California.

State University of California counts some 410,000 students and it is considered to be the greatest university in the U.S.A. Other well-known universities are also located in California, like California Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

Another interesting and famous site in California is Alcatraz. This place has been used in many purposes, but it remained famous as a prison.

Another beautiful site to see in California is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some of the greatest musicians have dedicated their famous songs to California and its cities: Jim Morrison (“L.A. Woman”), The Animals (“San Franciscan Nights”), Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Californication”) and many others.

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