Interesting Facts about Brazil

Here you can find some interesting facts about Brazil. Perhaps you didn’t know that Brazil is the biggest country in Latin America. It is also one of the biggest countries in the world, if we consider its population. If you visit this country, you will be amazed by the beauty of its nature and landscapes. Its coastline is incredibly long. Several beautiful archipelagos are situated in Brazil – those are “Fernando de Noronha”, “Trindade e Martim Vaz”, “Penedosde Sao Pedro e Sa Paulo” and “Atoldas Rocas”.

Facts about Brazil

The country is composed of 26 states and there is one federal district. The states are divided into municipalities that have legislative councils. As you can see, decentralization of power is maintained in this big country and the system seems to work fine.

Brazilian territory covers the area between the Atlantic Ocean and central parts of South America. The highest mountain peak in Brazil is 9,734 feet high. It is called “Pico da Neblina”. There are a few beautiful mountain ranges and many of them are very high, too.

The largest rivers are Parana, Igacu, Amazon, Xingy, Negro, Tapajos and Madeira.

This country had a very interesting and dynamic history – it has been an empire, a colony, a republic and even a military state. Finally, the democracy was established and this regime is ruling the country today. The 1988 Constitution is still in force.

Brasilia is the capital. Many people still believe that Rio de Janeiro is the capital, but it’s not. It is certainly the most popular city and it is famous for many things, but it is not the capital. Rio de Janeiro is one of the greatest world attractions, when it comes to tourists and fun. Its carnival is known worldwide and many people come from all over the world to see this event. Rio de Janeiro is also famous for its amazing beaches. Some of them are considered the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sao Paolo is also one of the largest cities in Brazil and it keeps bringing more and more tourists to this country. Other big cities are also located in the Northeast region – those are Fortaleza, Salvador and Recife.

The richest Brazilian areas are those in the Southeast. They are also the most populated parts of the country.

Many tourists go to spend their vacation there every year. In fact, once you go there, you will probably keep coming back. This country is ideal for spending your vacation there.

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