Interesting Facts about Australia

Here are some interesting facts about Australia. Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere and it consists of mainland, the Island of Tasmania and other smaller surrounding islands. Australia was discovered by the Dutch, in the seventeenth century. However, the British came to Australia soon after – in the eighteenth century.

Australia: Interesting Facts

♦ One of the most beautiful places on Earth – the Great Barrier Reef – is located in Australia. This country is also one of the largest countries in the world. However, it is not very populated and population density is very low.

♦ More than a half of the entire country is unpopulated. Australia has no active volcanoes. This makes it the only continent in the world without any active volcanoes. Winter starts in June and summer starts near Christmas time

♦ Australia is not just a country. It is also a continent. In fact, this is the world’s smallest continent. Western part of Australia is nearly the same size as Western Europe. The biggest desert in this continent is the Great Victoria Desert. The size of this desert is the same as the size of the entire United Kingdom. The entire coastline is nearly 60 000 kilometers long.

♦ The British came here in the eighteenth century. They had plans for Australia to be the land for keeping the prisoners there. One quarter of Australian people are descendants of the prisoners that were deported to Australia during the eighteenth century. Well, that is what statistics say, but regardless of that fact, Australian homicide rate is very low. Actually, criminal activities in Australia seem to be very low. Australia is also one of the United Nations founders.

♦ At present, there are 20 million Australians that live in this continent. Another interesting fact is that there are more sheep than there are humans in Australia. Australia is the greatest meat and wool exporter in the world.

♦ The longest serving Prime Minister ever in this country is Bob Hawke, and he is also the official record holder for fast beer drinking.

♦ The Emu, the Koala, and the Kangaroo are some of the interesting animals that Australia is known for. There are several hundreds of different reptile species living in Australia. The saltwater crocodile, known for being incredibly large, lives in Australia. Some of the most dangerous snakes in the world live in Australia, too. The Tasmanian devil is one of the most interesting animals that live in this continent.

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