Interesting Facts about Animals

We have found some interesting facts about animals and we thought you would be interested to learn more about these beautiful creatures. Animal life on our planet is astonishing. There are species we haven’t even heard of, but this should change! We should know more about animals because we share the planet with them. Some of these species are endangered, and we must find a way of preserving them. Here are some interesting facts about animals.

Animals: Interesting Facts

• Labradors are known as family dogs. However, this breed was originally made for fishing and hunting. The dogs were used for retrieving the nets because they were good swimmers.

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• Blue whales are the loudest animals in the world. They make horrible noise, which can be unbearable to humans!

• Dalmatians are the only breed that can suffer from gout. Other dogs rarely develop this condition.

• Do you know that mosquitoes have teeth? Yes, they do! In fact, they have forty-seven teeth.

• Crocodiles often swallow stones because this helps them digest foods easier, and it allows them to dive much deeper.

• Dolphins sleep with one open eye. In addition, half of a dolphin’s brain functions as if he is awake. Dolphins are extremely intelligent and social animals. Dolphins are capable of eating large amounts of food every day.

• Dogs can produce more than ten different sounds. This is how they express emotions and communicate with each other.

• Cats can make more than one hundred different sounds.

• Baby kangaroos can be small as beans. Can you imagine a kangaroo that is so small?

• Electric eel can make 650 V strong shocks. That is how they kill their preys.

• Butterflies use their feet as tongues. They use feet for tasting things.

• There are not snakes or other reptiles in Antarctica, since it is too cold.

• The smallest bird in the world is called Bee Hummingbird. These birds are beautiful, but they are so small that you can barely see them!

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• Do you know that sharks’ immune system is stronger than in all other animals? They are never ill! Some of these sharks are dangerous predators, but some sharks are harmless to humans.

• Moles can dig incredibly deep holes, in just one hour.

• King cobra’s venom is probably the most dangerous venom in the world.

• We think that milk is always white, but we’re wrong. Yak milk is pink!

• Lions are usually afraid of humans. We are afraid of these large cats, but the truth is that they are afraid of us even more. Only old lions attack humans, because humans are easy to catch – much easier than other animals. When a lion attacks a human, it means that he is either ill or old.

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Most animals are afraid of humans. We are afraid of them, too, but only because we know so little about them. If we knew more, we would stop being so afraid of wild animals.

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