Interesting Facts about Abraham Lincoln

Here are some interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln. You probably know something about this great person, but there are some interesting facts that are still little known about.

Interesting Facts about Abraham Lincoln

♦ Lincoln was the sixteenth U.S. President. He won the elections in 1860, but his campaign was different from other presidential campaigns of his time. Other candidates have been organizing on-road campaigns, while Lincoln was only using leaflets, newspaper editorials and posters.

♦ Lincoln got married in 1842. His wife was Mary Todd and they had four children: Edward, Thomas, William and Robert.

♦ Before he got married, Lincoln had been very close to Ann Rutledge.

♦ During the wartime  (The Civil War), Lincoln was engaged in supervising all war activities. He was the one who selected generals.

♦ The Gettysburg Address is probably one of the greatest speeches ever. This speech is also among the most quoted speeches ever. It was 1863 when this speech announced the end of the war.

♦ Abraham Lincoln was murdered by John Wilkes Booth. This man had a brother, Edwin Booth, and he (Edwin) was the one who saved Lincoln’s son Robert. Edwin saved his life at the train station, when he pulled him out of the space between the platform and a train, in Jersey, in 1864.

♦ Lincoln was born in Kentucky, in 1809. His ancestors came from England in the seventeenth century. He was a child of Nancy Hanks and Thomas Lincoln. Lincoln’s parents were both farmers.

♦ Lincoln’s schooling was very short lasting. He only had eighteen months spent in school. Nevertheless, he loved reading and that helped him educate him self. The fact that he never went to school didn’t prevent him from becoming one of the wisest men in history.

♦ Lincoln was also a good wrestler.

♦ Another interesting fact is that he never wanted to go hunting or fishing because he loved animals and he didn’t want to harm them in any way.

♦ Lincoln is considered a man who abolished slavery in the United States.

♦ Before he was elected for the President of the United States, Lincoln was a country lawyer. He was also a legislator in the state of Illinois.

♦ He was the one who managed his own re-election in 1864.

♦ He wasn’t really close to his father, but he was close to Sarah Bush Johnston – his step-mother. Abraham was nine when he lost his mother, who died from an unknown illness.

♦ Lincoln loved machines. He even made several.

♦ The day before he was assassinated, Lincoln had told his bodyguard about his dream. As the matter of fact, he dreamed his own murder.

♦ Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. President to be assassinated. He was 56.

♦ Lincoln was buried in Illinois (Springfield).

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