How to Write a Poem

All you need to know on how to write a poem can be explained in several easy steps. First of all, immerse yourself in poetry. Read and listen to as much poetry as you can. Read all the forms of poetry from Shakespeare’s sonnets to Japanese haiku.

Write down your ideas. Good poems are usually created out of fragments containing just a verse or two. Once you have something to start with, make your way from there. This can help you find the subject of your poem, that’s what your poem will be about. It is recommended that you write everything that crosses your mind while thinking about the subject of the poem. Even if it doesn’t make too much sense and it doesn’t sound right, you should write it down anyway.

When you’re describing something in your poem, it’s not all just about poetic description. You should try to explain how you feel about the relevant subject.

Use your imagination. Play with words. The words that sound similar can make interesting rhymes. This, again, can take you to a totally new direction and lead you to new ideas interesting to explore in order to improve your poem.

When you find the right sentence, use it in the end of the poem. The last line of the poem is the most important part of it because it is the line that stays in the reader’s mind longer than the previous lines.

Review your poem. When you have finished your poem, you should leave it for a couple of days. After that read it again. Find the parts you are not satisfied with and try again. Then leave it again. Repeat if necessary until you are satisfied.

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