How to Use Winterboard on Ipod

Here you can learn how to use Winterboard on Ipod. Winterboard is a theme program for Ipod, which allows you to arrange your icons and set new themes for free. The only thing you have to do is to get your Ipod/Iphone jail broken. To do this, you should have an internet connection and a few minutes spare.


So you bought an I Pod. What now? For a great number of Ipod users, it is OK to pay some money to get applications they want.

For others there is a process called jailbreak to help us keep in touch with new apps for free. Jailbreak is a way to avoid paying money to Apple Company and at the same time allow you to search and install apps, games and everything else from sites that were unapproved and blocked by Apple. The very name says everything – escaping Apple’s jail. Winterboard is one such application.


After you have jail broken your Iphone or Ipod, your device will have a program called Cydia. This is a program that allows you to search all those “other” sites, and besides winterboard you can find many useful applications and fun games. When you open Cydia you have many options related to which packages to install and which sources to use, but for winterboard you don’t have to install anything because it is already in Cydia. You just have to load it and it is located in the system folder.

After you have done this, you can see that a new icon has appeared on your screen.

Unfortunately, winterboard doesn’t have many themes to use, but you can easily download tones of fun and beautiful themes, along with appropriate icons. In order to do this, you should enter the themes folder where you can see your themes preview and an option to download. After hitting this button link takes you to a site where you have lots and lots of themes thumbnails waiting to be downloaded.

After you have downloaded themes you like, just get back to your home screen where you can find winterboard icon. Click on it and it will take you to your home screen. You will see that there are new downloaded themes. Click on the chosen theme, and…Voila! Your theme is set. Now your screen can be dressed in your favorite team’s color or maybe can be a part of mad scientist’s lab.

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