How to Use PowerPoint

Do you want to learn how to use PowerPoint? I believe we all remember the picture of an old technology projector and presentations conveyed by using some old equipment. The first association is a huge projector standing somewhere in the room, occupying great space and a great number of slides in a box beside…..Well, this image has gone to history. With the modern technology progress we have all-new projectors, relatively small in sizes that are connected to a computer. The only thing we need is a computer program that we can use to operate the whole thing – PowerPoint.

How to Use PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a program that helps us achieve visual effects of our presentation, so people can understand it better. This is a program that is part of Microsoft Office package and if we learn how to use it, it will be much easier to illustrate our ideas.

Organize Your Slides

As soon as we start the program we can notice that there is a clear layout. Depending on the version you’ve got, slides’ outline is on the left/right so you can easily scan trough skipping something you find irrelevant or you can show something out of the order of slide show.


Like every other Microsoft Office program, you can choose font style, color, size out of the rich database, that you can additionally enrich.


Perhaps you want to add some different background to your slide or just to add different colors. Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint can save you a lot of time due to it’s organized layout.


Sometimes you can feel that your image is not very clear because of it’s size, so you can resize that image with just a few clicks. There is a moving option, too. With a click & drag you can position your slide where you want it.

Adding Animation or Clip Art

Numerous default pictures are just a click away from adding them to your slide.


By using different templates on your slides you can add a specific “flavor” to your presentation, making it smoother and visually effective.

PowerPoint is one of the programs that can make your work easier and more effective. It is certain that Microsoft employees are thinking of new features, which can enhance your illustration and make your presentation even more impressive. Very easy to learn, it is definitely one of the best programs for visual presentations.

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