How to Use Chopsticks

If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, here are some basic instructions. The oldest reports of chopsticks being used are dated 1200 BCE. Chinese (and other Asian cultures) use chopsticks as cutlery.

Chopsticks are used as a kind of pincers. They are made of various materials, some are even made of precious stone such as jade. Today chopsticks are mostly made of wood or bamboo, yet these are of poor quality as they tend to curve, warp and generally wear off from frequent usage. They come in different sizes; some are round and some are square. There are even short ones made for children.

Chopsticks are held between fingers and thumb of your right hand. You will not need too much strength as Chinese food is already prepared in such way that it is most convenient to eat it with chopsticks, but you will need to exercise if you want to be real skillful.

To hold the chopsticks properly, you have to place one chopstick in the curve between your thumb and your forefinger. It should be resting on your middle finger without touching the forefinger. The other chopstick should be held pressed with your thumb against the forefinger. Make sure that the chopsticks are parallel and that their tops are even.

Now you can start practicing. Keep one chopstick still, while you are moving the other one in a pinching movement. At first it may fell a bit odd, but that is only because you are not used to such maneuvers. In very little time and with little practice you will be able to use chopsticks properly and lift even big chunks of food without dropping it.

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