How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

Here you can read about how to transfer music from iPod to computer. iPods are very useful gadgets. Except being your companion on a trip or anywhere else, iPod can also be a place to store all your music, just in case you lose the music you store on your computer. This is like a kind of back up. In case you lose your music from the computer, you can easily put it back. All you have to do is connect your iPod to your computer and start copying. Some iPod users have never even been aware that they could transfer music from their iPods to their computers. They only knew that they could transfer music from a computer to an iPod. We will tell you how to do this. It is very simple, actually. It is different from transferring music from mp3 player to computer, but it is not very complicated.

Transferring Music Files from iPod to Computer

Two methods are used for transferring music from iPod to computer. The first method is based on using a third party software (you can buy one on-line or in a store), while the second method is a simple ‘copy-paste’ method. You need a cable for you iPod, of course.

First, enable the disk use (on your iPod). Here is what you need to do: connect the iPod to your computer and insert the cable. iTunes will automatically open, but if it fails, you can open it by yourself. iTunes will recognize your iPod and then you will have to click ‘Continue’ (it will appear on the interface). Then click ‘summary’ and choose ‘manually manage music and videos’; your next click is ‘OK’ and finally, ‘apply’. That is how you will enable the disk use on your iPod.

Now go to ‘my computer’ icon and find the iPod drive. You will have to find the hidden files. Choose ‘tools’, then ‘folder options’, ‘view’, and finally, ‘show hidden files and folders’. Click OK to finish this.

Find the music files on your iPod and then just ‘copy-paste’ them from iPod to your computer. There is another thing you should know. Music files names will probably be different. The names may not even be there. However, to solve this problem, go to the iTunes library and you will see the files listed there. Hope this was helpful.

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