How to Tell if Someone is Lying

How to Tell if Someone is LyingEven though little white lies are pretty harmless, nobody wants to be lied and everyone would like to know how to tell if someone is lying. People aren’t very good at detecting lies, but it is definitely a skill everyone can learn. There’s no 100 percent correct method, but various signs can be detected and lead you to investigate the matter further.

The first  indicator if someone is lying is that he will be trying to avoid certain subjects, which can immediately tell you that he/she is feeling guilty or ashamed. Body language may indicate a person is uncomfortable with the lies he’s trying to present as a truth, so there are various details to look for.

Most people have a hard time looking directly into a person’s eyes when lying. Some people even try to tell lies by maintaining the eye contact more than usual, in a very obvious way. These kinds of eye contacts should be easy to detect, because they are totally unnatural and obviously fake. In same way, when lying, people tend to freeze and move as little as possible or wave their hands, walk nervously around the room trying to distract you. Also, forcing a smile, covering the parts of face or touching the nose are usually subconscious gestures that indicate lying.

If you notice a big pause in speaking, that could mean a person is taking his/her time to make something up. It’s important to emphasize that there is not just one sign that can tell you someone is lying, but there are many of them coming all together. Knowing some of these tricks, your intuition and guts will help you to get to the truth. Still, try not to jump with conclusions and accusations before being sure enough.

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