How to Tell if a Guy Is Interested in You

“How to tell if a guy is interested in you” is probably the most difficult question bothering every girl. We will try to help you with this one. There are not any rules when it comes to attraction, but there are a few things we can be quite certain about. Being in love is probably one of the most beautiful feelings. Try keeping this feeling for as long as you can. Even if you are not certain about how he feels about you, you can still enjoy being in love. Sometimes it is even more interesting if you don’t know how he feels. However, most of us simply cannot wait for too long. At some point, a girl will want to know if a guy feels anything about her. Then she will start questioning herself and she will be thinking about everything he says.

You must have been in this situation before. Remember the time when you couldn’t sleep because you were thinking about something he said. Analyzing a guy’s actions and words is not so strange. In fact, this is quite normal if you are trying to find out whether he likes you or not.

Is He Interested in You?

♦ Here are a few indicators that he is interested. First, he will make eye contact. If he is looking at you, this means he likes you. This is something he can’t hide. That is more like a reflex. If you see something you like, you will keep looking at it, right? If you see nice shoes, you will stop and observe them for a while. Therefore, if he is looking at you, this means he simply likes you. This is only the first step.

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♦ If he is listening to you carefully, this means that he is interested to hear your opinion. This is very important. Even if he is attracted to you physically, this is not enough to capture his attention. Your personality is very important! Be honest and spontaneous. He will like talking to you and he will not be afraid of expressing his own opinion.

♦ If he touches your hand or hair, this means that he is very interested in you. He will make some close contact whenever he gets a chance.

♦ If he calls you to go out with him, this is definitely a sign that he is interested. He wants to spend more time with you and he certainly wants to know you better.

♦ He will introduce you to his friends. He will tell you about his friends and family. He will tell you about himself and all the things he likes or dislikes. This means he wants you to know him better.

♦ He will answer to your call. If you call him first, and he answers to your call, this means that he is probably interested. Would you waste your time on talking to someone you are not interested in? No!

♦ He will be asking questions. If he starts asking questions about you and your activities, hobbies and the music you like, this means he is interested in you. He will probably want to hear your opinion on nearly everything.

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