How to Tell If a Guy Is Attracted to You

“How to tell if a guy is attracted to you” is one of the most common questions, asked by girls who are hopelessly in love – or they think they are. Guys show their affection in various ways. We must admit that sometimes, they show affection in rather strange ways, so we can’t really tell if a person is attracted or it is just something else. Girls are often accused of playing love games, but this can be said for men, too. Sometimes, they find it more interesting to leave you clueless, and sometimes, they are clueless themselves, and they have no idea what they really want. If we assume that a guy knows what he wants, and he is attracted to you, he will probably do some of the following things.

How to Know If a Guy Is Attracted to You

If a guy is attracted to you, he will give you some obvious signs. Now, some of these signs are not intentional, but if you pay your attention, you will notice them.

– He will be looking at you. And he will keep looking! It is hard to control this reflex. All of us tend to look at things we find attractive. You can see this happening to you, too. If you see a nice car or nice shoes, you will stare for a while. Well, it is the same with a guy who finds you attractive. This is a kind of a reflex and it has almost nothing to do with reasonable behavior.

– He will try to make contact with you. Even if it is just an eye-to-eye contact, it is a good indicator that he is attracted to you. He will try to touch you accidentally, or he will offer you some help. For example, he will open the door for you, or help you get into your car. OK, these are some nice manners, so a guy can do this with no other intentions. However, if he continues doing this frequently, this is definitely a sign.

– He will start talking to you. He will use any opportunity to talk to you and this will persist. He will listen to what you have to say about anything. Remember, if he starts asking questions, this definitely means something. He wants to know something more about you, so it is normal that he will ask all kinds of questions. For example, he will be interested to find out more about your favorite music, books, movies, sports, and other things you are interested in. This is one of the ways for him to see if you like similar things. He will ask for your opinion on various issues. This is great, because you will know that he is ready to treat you like a person with brains.

– He will invite you to go with him to many places, like cinema, parties, sport activities, etc. If he introduces you to his friends, that’s it! You will know that he is attracted to you and wants to include you in his life. This is probably one of the nicest things. You will feel like you belong with this person, and he will be ready to let you enter his life.

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