How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

If you don’t know how to tell if a girl likes you, read our article to find out. As you know, girls often behave as if they don’t know what they want… Sometimes, they have no idea if they are interested in someone. It is as if she likes you today, but the next day – she’s gone. Now, this kind of question requires some analytics. Some girls tend to hide their affection. God know why they do it, but they do it! Therefore, if you really want to be sure about her feelings, you will have to start looking for some hidden signs.

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

If she likes you, you will see that in her eyes. That is never easy to hide.

If she likes you, she will answer you calls. If you send her an SMS, she will be happy to answer.

Perhaps she will mention other boys (in casual conversation), just to see your reaction. Girls need to know that you are ready to be competitive. If you are indifferent, she may think that you just don’t care, and she will lose her interest.

During the conversation, she is listening to you carefully. She may touch your hand occasionally. Now, pay your attention to the body language. It can tell you more than words can ever tell. If she touches her lips or hair during the conversation, this means she likes you. She may be quite unaware of these gestures, but you will know how to ‘read’ them. If she touches the edge of her drinking glass while talking to you, this is another sign that she likes you. How do we know this? Well, this is psychology. You don’t need to know the exact processes taking place in the mind and the body; all you need to know is what these gestures mean.

She will invite you to come to her birthday or other parties. She will include you in her activities.

She will ask questions about your life and your interests. This means that she is very interested in getting to know you better. She will use her intuition and her skill to find out about whether she has any competition or not. Take our word, a girl can find out whatever she wants, especially if she likes you.

If you call her, she will sound happy to hear you. If she returns your call, that is something!

Ask her to go out with you. She may say that she is busy, but don’t be discouraged. Wait for some time to pass and then invite her again. She will probably say “yes”.

Analyze her a bit. See what she likes. Find out about what she dislikes, too. Asks her about her interests, music she likes, favorite movies, books and other things. This is how you can learn more about her, and see if you can impress her. For example, read her favorite book. Think about it and say what you think of it. She will be glad you have read it, too – even if you don’t really like reading.

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