How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

“How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” is a book written by Dale Carnegie. Just the name of the book can tell you enough about what it is about. This problem is probably one of the most common problems and it bothers each one of us. All of us are sometimes worried. It is normal to be worried sometimes, but what to do if worrying becomes a part of your every-day living? What happens when your entire life turns into a bunch of problems and concerns? Can this be called life anyway? The sad part is that most of us do not even notice when this happens.

We live our lives and think about different things every day and it is normal for an adult to have some concerns. The problem occurs when all we can think are our concerns and problems. Sometimes other people’s problems can also occupy your thoughts and that is not much different from being overwhelmed by your own problems. Before you know it, you will easily become an ever-worrying person, which will be extremely bad for you, for several reasons.

First, you may start feeling a constant tension. This creates a pressure and leads to inability to relax and rest. Even if you are resting, your thoughts may be bad and upsetting and your physical rest won’t result in any positive effects. Worrying can turn into your lifestyle. It will be hard for you to make decisions, or this process will take too long just because you are paralyzed by your own fears and concerns. You will start questioning everything and this will bring more insecurity.

How to Stop Worrying

This was exactly what Dale Carnegie wanted to find out and share with other people. He wrote this book because he was feeling very bad for a long time. He was unhappy with his entire life and he couldn’t stop worrying. Therefore, he decided to write something about it and try to find a solution that could help other people, too.

You will find some good advice on how to look at all your problems. The basic idea is that our problems (and worrying about them) prevent us from living a normal life. We keep missing things and events that can make our lives great, just because we are too worried about something that we probably cannot change or something that we don’t even know! What we need to do is to accept the fact that sometimes we just do not have the power to change things. All we can do is to accept them. Keep in mind that some events do not depend on you – but the way you accept them depends on you only.

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