How to Stop Nail Biting in Children

If you child just can’t stop biting his nails, here is some useful advice on how to stop nail biting in children. This problem seems to be very common, not only in kids but in adults as well.

There are several possible causes to this problem, and several ways to solve them. As with any other problem, you have to find the cause first. For start, try to observe your kid’s behavior.

Do not react right away. Let him stop biting his nails. If you get the impression that he will never stop, you can take some steps.

What Are the Causes of Nail Biting?

Perhaps your kid is just too sensitive. Maybe he is going through some stressful period. You have to pay your attention to what is happening in your child’s life. Never ignore anything your child has to tell you. Listen to your child’s problems. If he is not telling you anything, but you see the difference in his behavior, try talking to him. Children usually express their anxiety by nail biting. This is also an indicator of anger that cannot be properly managed by a child. Therefore, the child directs it to himself. This also means that your child is feeling quite helpless. If that is the case, try talking to your kid, or take him to a professional.

What Can You Do?

There are several things you can do to help your child stop biting his nails. First, you must know that punishing and yelling will only make things worse. If you yell at your kid, he will be even more frustrated, and so will you. Therefore, try to be calm (even if you are tensed and furious), and tell your child that it is bad for him to bite his nails. Explain why and see what happens. It is probable that he will continue, and then you can try more things. Tell your kid you will reward him if he stops biting nails. It is very important to keep your promise. Your child will start having more trust in you.

If you have a daughter, try good old trick with a nail polish. It is important that you use this nail polish as well, since children always tend to copy their parents – you are the role model to your kid. You can also convince your kid that her favorite singer/actress uses the same nail polish. You have to be wise, not angry.

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