How to Stop Global Warming

Global warming is a very dangerous process that is taking place as you read this. It is the process during which the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are gradually heating up. They are heating up because of the high amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

A certain amount of greenhouse gases is needed in the atmosphere, because they trap sunlight and make our planet suitable for life. But, the more greenhouse gases get in the atmosphere the higher the temperature gets, thus making it too warm for any life form to survive. There are a few things you can do to stop global warming, and they are not hard to do at all:

–    You should avoid using your car. Walk, ride a bike, carpool or take a bus instead. Polls have shown that the average number of people driving a car is 1.1
–    Think about swapping your car for a hybrid or an electric car
–    Switch from classic light bulbs to energy efficient fluorescent ones which use less energy and give the same amount of light.
–    When it is time to buy new home accessories, think about buying the ones that are more energy efficient. It will save your money in the long run and it will help save the planet!
–    A good way of preserving energy is insulation of your home
–    Recycle as much of your waste as possible
–    Avoid plastic shopping bags. Use the ones made of canvas.
–    Plant a tree. They store CO2 and create oxygen.
–    Use the organic food because the organic soil absorbs a lot of CO2
–    Buying food that is grown locally will reduce the oil consumption in transporting the goods
–    Don’t leave TV, PC or other home appliances on stand-by
–    Encourage others to switch to green energy/renewable sources like solar or wind power

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