How to Stop Binge Eating at Night

Binge Eating Can Lead to Serious Problems

If you want to know how to stop binge eating at night, read our article. Binge eating is a serious problem. It can lead to obesity and disturbances in your metabolism. Further, this can cause other health problems. We already know that obesity can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and can be a contributing factor when it comes to chances for a heart attack. Besides, being overweight is not only unhealthy. It also affects your self esteem and self confidence. If you are not happy with your looks, this can affect your social life. You may start feeling lonely and undesirable, which can further lead to depression. We will try to help you solve the problem with binge eating.

Physical or Psychical Issue?

In most of the cases, binge eating is caused by emotional problems. Different people react differently to stressful situations. Some people lose their appetite and reduce their meals. They can even forget about their meals. However, there are people who start looking for some comfort in foods, especially sweets. The more tensed they become, the more food they will eat. Binge eating is also characteristic for people who suffer from bulimia nervosa. They seek comfort in food and they feel good while eating. However, after the meal, they start to feel guilty for eating so much and they try different methods in order to throw out the foods. These problems usually come from destroyed self esteem and personal insecurity. A person believes that he/she is not beautiful enough. Love and affection are in this case closely related to physical appearance. That is how these people look at the entire problem. If you notice bulimia symptoms in anyone you know, try to talk to this person. He/she needs some help. People who have problems with binge eating usually won’t admit this to anyone. Even if you are really close to this person, he/she will probably keep denying the whole thing. He/she will probably never eat with you and you will see that the person goes to bathroom right after meal. Those can be indicators that something is wrong.

People who have binge eating problem always eat alone. In fact, they hide from other people, trying to hide from themselves. They are actually trying to hide the fact that they like food and that they eat too much. The most convenient time for eating without interruptions is – night, when everyone is asleep. Eating at night is especially bad for your health for several reasons. First, your metabolism is different during the night. You will gain weight rapidly and you will feel even more hopeless.

How to Stop Binge Eating

First of all, you have to face the problem. You have to admit that you have the problem. This is the first step to solve it. There can be various causes to your emotional stress that causes your binge eating. You need to find out about the causes and start your treatment. It will be great to talk to a professional. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You are only a human, just like everyone else. All of us sometimes have problems and difficulties in life. Seeking help will not make you weaker! On the contrary – you will show yourself that you are a reasonable and strong person who knows how to look after herself!

What you can do in the meantime is to spend as much time outside and with people you love. Physical activity will help you get some healthy sleep. Do not drink alcohol and try to cut down cigarettes. During the day, try to think about the good things and try to be optimistic in every possible way. That way you will keep the stress away. Eat small meals during the day, so you will not be hungry at night. When it comes to your meals, try to be rational. Eat healthy foods and control your meal size. It is better to have several smaller meals than two or three large ones.

Try to relax before going to bed. That means you will have to think positively and forget about all your problems that affect your sleep. A good book, relaxing music or warm bath before bed will certainly be helpful. The goal is to stay asleep until the morning and not to wake at night. There are also natural remedies and teas that can help you calm before you go to bed. Of course, if you have any health problems, talk to your doctor before taking any home remedy.

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