How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube Fast

It may sound funny but there are many people trying to figure out how to solve Rubik’s cube fast. Several methods are available when it comes to Rubik’s cube solving. There are so called “layer” and “corner” methods.

Most people use the first method to solve the Rubik’s fast. Here is the explanation for beginners, but also for all those who need help in Rubik’s solving. The method for beginners is demanding when it comes to memory – you have to memorize several algorithms, but not too many of them – so do not be concerned! If you succeed in this you will be able to solve the Rubik’s cube in less than a minute! Still, do not expect to solve it in twenty or thirty seconds using this method. If you want to be that fast in solving it, you will have to use the method number 2, that is, the expert method.

So here are the instructions for you: pick one face (one layer color). The edges that are in that color should be placed in the right position. These four edges should be placed correctly using five to eight moves. Then you will have to place the first layer corners correctly. When you have done that, the layer is completely solved and contains only one color.

Now start solving the middle layer by placing its edges. One algorithm is enough for you to set the middle layer correctly.

The algorithm you used in this one can be applied in all edge pieces positioning. This way you will easily correct any mistake you made – by using the single algorithm. When you get to the last layer, you’ll have to deal with the corners in a little different way. Concentrate to these corners that have the same color, then the top layer should be turned to get the two corners on the right color side.

We hope you get the basic thing here, although it would be much easier if you had a picture in front of you or some assistance in case you’re a beginner.

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