How to Remove Wallpaper

If you want to redecorate your home, here is some useful advice on how to remove wallpaper.  Wallpapers used to be really classy before, but today they seem to be out.

Wallpaper removal usually looks easy. However, those few steps are not that simple. You will see why – as soon as you start removing your wallpapers. The glue won’t be so easy to deal with.

Here is what you need for wallpaper removal: first, get your tools; second, go to a store and buy some special-designed products for wallpaper removal. Arm with patience and go for it!

Prepare the room first. Remove all the furniture and protect the floors. You don’t want any chemicals to destroy your floor, so make sure it’s well protected.

How to Remove the Glue

You have to spray the wallpaper to make the glue softer. However, it is not that simple. Most of wallpaper manufacturers make wallpapers to be quite resistant to water. To make the whole thing easier, take a sharp object and make a few holes in your wallpaper. That way it will be easier for the water to get through.

Take some warm water and mix it with vinegar. Then spray this mixture onto the wallpaper and wait for a half an hour. You can use a special product designed for wallpapers removal, but water and vinegar are also good.

Start cutting the wallpaper using a sharp knife. You don’t have to buy a special knife for this – any sharp knife will do. However, choose a knife that is easy to handle and be careful not to cut yourself. There will probably be stubborn spots, so have your spray near and spray those areas again and again, until they soften.

Removing the glue will require some time and plenty of nerves. However, this is something you have to do right, so don’t try anything by using force – use your spray instead.

When you are done with removing your wallpaper, take a look around you. You will probably notice that some other things will have to be done, too. You must remove the rest of the glue from walls. Mix some water with TSP (you can buy it in stores) and use the mixture to remove all the glue. During the process, you may damage the walls. If there are any wall damages, fix them and leave them overnight. After this, you can start decorating your walls.

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