How to Remove Skin Tags on Eyelid

If you want to find out how to remove skin tags on eyelid, read our article. First, let’s say something more about skin tags.

What Are Skin Tags?

A skin tag belongs to the group of benign growths on the skin. They are very common and quite harmless. Some people have many skin tags, while others don’t. It all depends on many factors. However, heredity seems to be an important factor in developing skin tags. Skin tags occur regardless of one’s sex or age. Overweight people have more chances to get skin tags. Skin tags can be small, medium and large. Sometimes they are so small that they are barley visible. They can fall off spontaneously and one can be quite unaware that a skin tag was even there. However, cases of skin tags falling off by themselves are rather rare. If you want to remove skin tags, you will have to do something about it instead of waiting for them to vanish spontaneously.

Where Do Skin Tags Occur?

In most of people, skin tags occur on eyelids, neck, under the breasts and under one’s arms. As we said, they can be very small and quite inconspicuous. However, they can be quite large. Most of skin tags are acquired and adult persons have more chances to have them, especially if they are obese.

How to Remove Skin Tags on Eyelids

This is a frequently asked question. Eyelids are visible parts of your body and one can find skin tags on eyelids very annoying. However, if you want to have them removed, you will have to consider several things related to skin tags you wish to remove. First, the size of your skin tag determines how it will be removed. It is recommended to talk to your dermatologist about it.

Several methods are used in removing skin tags. There are special products that are applied onto the skin and after some time your skin tag will fall off by itself. This is applied in people who have a small skin tag. For large skin tags, it is recommended to talk to your doctor about surgical removal. That is the only safe way to have it removed. Never do anything by yourself.

If you have a small skin tag on eyelid and your doctor has approved some of the products for skin tag removal, you should be very careful while applying the product. It must not get into contact with your eye, so keep your eye closed while applying the product. Use very small amount and try to cover only the skin tag. This kind of treatment is reported to be efficient, but it may take some time until your skin tag falls off.

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