How to Remove Rust from Metal with Baking Soda

Baking Soda Is Used for Removing Rust

Here is some useful advice on how to remove rust from metal with baking soda. One of the best and the easiest methods are based on using this substance. If you have found an object that you can still use, but it is rusty, don’t despair! There is a very easy solution.

Tips to Remove Rust from Metal Using Baking Soda

• You don’t have to borrow any electric tools. You don’t even have to carry the object to reparation, to a place where this service costs too much for such a simple operation. You can use what probably every house has in the kitchen – baking soda. Yes, it is true, and as simple as that, you just need water and a little bit of patience. First, you need to find a vessel in which you will mix your ingredients.

• Depending on the rust, try to find a larger or smaller vessel. Next you put baking soda in it. In the US you can find different size packs, but it seems that 1lb economy-pack is the best you can buy. Next, you need to find something with which you will stir the mixture. You can use ice-cream stick, but any object with a flat surface will do. After this, pour some water onto backing soda, but be careful – mixture needs to be compact enough so you can apply it to a rusty surface. Therefore, the consistency of a cream is just what you need.

• After this, you can just apply this baking soda cream onto the rusty surface. After you have left it for an hour or more, just wipe off the paste from the surface. You will notice that most of these rusty parts are no longer rusty. On the other hand, if you don’t succeed right away, be persistent and give it a few more tries, you’ll see it is going to work.

•  Using baking soda for this purpose is one of the natural methods. Apart from this, you can also use vinegar. Of course, if the rust has destroyed the metal, you will have to take it to a mechanic or a technician.

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