How to Remove Ink from Clothes

Ink Stains

Have you ever wondered how to remove ink from clothes?  If it is your new wardrobe that is stained, wash it by hand in order to avoid the possibility of spoiling other colors.

Simple Tricks to Remove Ink from Clothes

Wash it in cold water in which you have previously melted some powder. Remember, always melt the powder first, and then soak the clothes. Another important thing is to do this as soon as the clothes were stained by ink. Time is a crucial factor. If you don’t do it as soon as possible, it may be very hard to remove it later, because those stains tend to be very stubborn.

This needs to be done because in this way the concentration of ink in the fabric pores reduces. This way you won’t remove stain completely; this is just the first step.

For complete removal, you must use some additional products and tricks. Having your clothes soaked in water and powder for about 5 minutes, you can try several ways to remove remaining ink. Another great removal method is to use nail polisher. You should take one large cotton ball and soak it with nail polisher liquid. Then wipe the affected areas, and leave it for 10 minutes. That should do it.

However, you may find out you do not have nail polisher. In this case, you can use milk. Fabric should be left to stand overnight in the bathtub full of milk. Be sure to lock the bathroom overnight if you have a pet in the house.

If you have neither a nail polisher nor milk, you can use toothpaste. As the last solution, this is certainly worth a try. Put some of the toothpaste onto the stain and rub. After this, rinse fabric with cold water. If the stain is removed, launder your clothes as usually.

We hope this info will be helpful to you and you will be able to remove ink stains from your favorite clothes.

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