How to Remove Hair Dye from Skin

You made some stains while dyeing your hair and don’t know how to remove hair dye from skin? Don’t panic; there are plenty of solutions you can use to clean the stains. Some of the tricks don’t work for everyone; different products contain different substances, and different people have different types of skin, which means that not all stains will come off with the same method. If one doesn’t work, just try another one. There are, of course, commercial removers that you can buy in any beauty parlor, but there are many homemade remedies that do the same thing and they are much cheaper. If you’re not prepared to spend your money on this, try other home solutions first.

How to Remove Hair Dye Stains

• Here are some tips. One of them is to use toothpaste. Though it doesn’t work for everyone, it’s an option that comes on the cheap side; it won’t harm you to try and if it does work with you then you have saved a lot of nerves and money.

• There are other simple homemade solutions. For some people, rubbing the stain with Vaseline or baby oil and leave it on during the night works pretty well; by morning there is no sign of the stain. For others, nail polish remover is a good solution, but you must be careful because your skin might be prone to irritation. First test it under your arm: if the skin becomes red or starts itching, it’s best not to experiment with this one. If you can use it, after the stain is gone, apply some cream to moisturize the skin.

• Another popular method is a mix of baking soda and dish-washing liquid. Mix them in equal parts and apply the mixture with a damp washcloth.

• Sometimes, the dish-washing liquid with lemon is the best solution.

• Washing the stain with warm water and some anti-bacterial soap (or some everyday cleanser) is also a trick used by many people.

• Some people guarantee that rubbing the stain with a slice of lemon (or with a cotton ball soaked with regular milk) work just fine.

• If you’re willing to try some unusual methods, there are people who guarantee that you can use the dye itself to remove the stain. While in the shower, apply some leftover dye the same way you would apply soap and rub the stain in circular motion. Once the stain is gone, wash the area with soap.

• If you’re willing to try something even stranger, there is a method that came up in the 1970s. Some people still use it: cigarette ash. Rub a wet rag in the ashes and then on your skin; a few rubs should be enough to remove it completely.

• It’s much easier to remove dye stains from oily skin, so next time you dye your hair, try applying a layer of baby oil or conditioner around the hairline and on neck and ears. This will make removing stains much easier.

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