How to Prepare Quinoa for Cooking

If you want to learn how to prepare quinoa for cooking, read this article. We will also tell you more about quinoa and all the benefits you can get from it. You will see that quinoa is very easy to prepare. It is quite similar to couscous. The main difference between couscous and quinoa is – nutritious value. Quinoa has higher nutritious value. You will also see that quinoa is very easy to prepare. There are various meals you can prepare using quinoa and all of them are very tasty.


As we said, quinoa is quite similar to couscous and rice. Therefore, any food that is served with rice can also be served with quinoa. However, there is a difference in tastes and nutritious value, but quinoa is equally easy to prepare.

How to Prepare Quinoa

First, you have to soak quinoa in water and leave it for several hours. Soak it again and then rinse it well. Cooking process is very much the same as with rice. If you want to cook one cup o quinoa, put the grains into two cups of water and cook it for twenty minutes top. Treat is just as you would do with rice. You can also use various vegetable or chicken stocks and add them into the water in which you cook quinoa. That way quinoa will have a great flavor. You can also prepare quinoa for breakfast, with berries or honey – similar to corn flakes.

Quinoa is tasty even if you consume it without any additional flavors, meat or vegetables. You can simply add some spices and salt, and eat it for your meal. It is very nutritious, so you will not feel hunger for a while. You can also use it in the same way you prepare couscous and others meal that contain rice. Meat and vegetables taste great with quinoa. You can also add quinoa into various sauces, mayonnaise, and even salads! Just make sure you boil it well, since it can act as a laxative, if not well cooked. Cooking will certainly reduce some of its nutritious value, but it will help you digest it easier. Since quinoa is very nutritious, calories amount that is lost during the cooking process will not be significant (as it is the case with most of other vegetables.)

Now, all you have to do is prepare something for your family. Anything you choose will taste great, that’s for sure.

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