How to Play the Violin for Beginners

If you like this instrument or you have started taking lessons you may be interested to read how to play the violin – for beginners. This musical instrument is certainly one of the most sophisticated instruments and it is also known as “a queen among musical instruments”.

If you know a first thing about classical music, you probably know that most of these great everlasting musical works all have violins included. Violin requires a great sense of music and sound. If you want to learn how to play it properly, you have to test your musical abilities. If you really have talent – you can start learning.

The violin is held in your left arm. It lies on your left shoulder and your left cheek has to lie on your violin. Your left hand fingers are the ones to press the cords. The violin keys are there to make the tuning possible. By turning them, you can tighten or ease the violin cords. You have to use some other instrument to tune the violin. Most of people use a piano to tune the violin. But any instrument is OK, as long it is tuned itself!

Your right hand holds the violin bowl. Your fingers must be positioned in the right way. Most of beginners find this difficult and hard to do. But it is all matter of practice. Also, many beginners find it hard to coordinate their left and right arm movements. This requires practice. Remember that this instrument is quite demanding. People who are really good at playing violin have to practice regularly. They have probably been playing violin for years. So if it feels a bit difficult in the beginning, do not give up! Keep practicing and you will play better and better.

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