How to Play Rugby

If you are interested to learn how to play rugby, keep reading! Rugby is often regarded as a very tough game where there’s no room for the weak. Although it has similarities with American football it is actually much different from it. Rugby is a sport that is played in Europe as well as in Australia where it has become very popular. Different rules are applied depending on the part of the world where it is played. A team consists of 13 or 15 players and has no separated attack/defense teams.

The Rules

The only objective is to score more goals than your opponent does – or to defend your goal – depends on how you look at it. In order to score, you have to carry an oval-shaped ball to a goal zone in the end of the field.

Unlike American football, in rugby you have to take a ball over the line, and also to press it down to the ground. That is called “try” or in a nonprofessional term – a goal.

You can pass the ball (never forward) and kick it (can be kicked forward). After a successful attack you have a chance to add two points by kicking the ball through goal bars. Once the game has started, it doesn’t stop until the ball is out. A player cannot be tackled without a ball.

In rugby, we can often see a crowd of people struggling for a ball. This is called a scrum. Scrum occurs when a minor infringement happens so both teams are trying to push the other team away from the ball and to reach the ball with their feet. Concerning positions in the game of rugby, there is a name for every player. Some of them are flanker, lock, scrumhalf, fly half etc. Referee is the sole authority on the field and criticizing or talking back is often punished. The play lasts ninety minutes, half lasts 40 minutes and a 10-minute break.

When an injury happens, there can be a break but it is just to substitute the injured player.

When it comes to equipment, boots are very important part. You need to pay special attention on quality and size.

Rugby is a sport with a high percentage of injuries. That is why you have to be fit and have great physical strength. Rugby is a sport where you can develop your focusing skill as well as physical strength. Although this is a tough sport, the stress is put on fair play and enjoying the game.

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