How to Play Marbles Game

If you want to learn how to play marbles game, keep reading! This game is quite interesting to both children and adults. A marble is a small toy of spherical shape. It can be made of steel, ceramic, clay or glass. Marbles can be real small, medium or large. Marbles are used for playing marbles game. Some children (and even some adults) collect marbles.

When Were the First Marbles Made?

Marbles originally come from India. Ancient Romans knew for marbles as well. Historical sources show that this game was also known in ancient Egypt. Those marbles were made of glass, stone or clay. Modern marbles are prefect when it comes to shape and their designs are colorful and attractive. However, the game is equally interesting as it was in the ancient times when they used simple clay or stone marbles.

Marble scissors were invented in 1840s in Germany. Fifty years later, mass production of marbles has started in the U.S.A. The M.F. Christensen & Son Company was famous for its marbles production. It lasted until 1917. Another well known company that was successful in this business was Akro Agate. Those were both American companies. There are two major American companies that are successful in marbles production today. Those are “Marble King” (West Virginia) and Jabo Vitro (Ohio).

Marbles Game & How to Play It

Marbles game is also called “bowls”, “darts” or “skittles”. You can play marbles game in several ways. Here is one of them: draw a circle on the ground and players knock each other’s marbles out of that circle using their marble. This is so called “the ringer” game. Another marbles game is based on shooting other marbles. In marbles games, the winner is the one who ends up with the highest number of marbles taken, or with all of the marbles, depending on the rules. Those were just basic games, but there are many versions of marbles games. The rules of marbles games are changing all the time. Children are creative and they keep bringing up the new marble games and the new rules. Marble games are good for several reasons. First, your kid will learn to play with other kids and this is important for socialization. He will also learn that there are rules to be followed and that other players must be treated with respect. His eye-arm coordination will develop and your child’s concentration will be better.

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