How to Play Dominoes

This article will provide some instructions on how to play dominoes. Do you remember the world without computer games? What it was like when all kinds of board games were played? Sound of dice on the floor?  Great majority of us played one of those games in childhood.

What Is the Origin of Dominoes Game?

It is a common belief that dominoes evolved from the game of dices. How? Easy…, if you could somehow unravel the dice you could imagine how dominoes were formed.

They were discovered in 12th century in China. It was long after that time this game was brought to Europe, where it became very popular in a short period of time.  Box of dominoes consists of 28 tiles with lines in the middle and a number on both sides. Numbers go from blank to six. Material of tiles vary greatly so does the cost also.

The Rules

The number of games using dominoes depends only on imagination.  Below is explained the simplest domino game, the one we all know. Dominoes can have from two to four players, if you play with a normal set, with a larger set a number of players could be increased. A game of dominoes starts with turning of all dominoes numbers down, so that no one can see numbers. After they are thoroughly shuffled it is time to test your luck and pick seven dominoes if there are two players and five if there are three or four players.

The Beginning

The game begins player with a strongest double tile or the one with a strongest hand. When the tile is placed, the game continues clockwise. Next player can add a tile on either side if he/she has the tile with a same number as the tile placed. If he doesn’t then he has to draw one from a lot, if he still doesn’t have a number to add then he skips turn.

Depending on the game, player can draw from one tile to all tiles on the lot, but you should start with drawing one tile if you don’t have a match and then continue.

The End

The end of the game is when one player runs out of the tiles. In a score table, other players have the value of the dots on their tiles left in their hands after the end occurred. The player with the smallest number in a score table wins. Remember, game is over when someone reaches 101. Dominoes are one of the games from a pre-computer era, but it still has a lot of fans. Try it out! You won’t regret it.

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