How to Play Cricket Game

If you are interested to learn how to play cricket game, keep reading! Cricket is popular mostly in English speaking countries, but due to its reputation of being “the gentlemen’s game”, it has become widely popular in other countries as well. Cricket is one of those sports for which you need to have a lot of patience in learning the rules first. Terminology is unlike in other sports, which we often see on TV, unfamiliar to common folk. Because it is a British sport, most of videos on the net explaining this game are using British slang, so it is sometimes hard to understand. In the next few lines, we will try to explain the basics of this interesting game.

Cricket rules

Cricket is a team sport, where two teams consisting of eleven players each, try to score more “runs” than their rival team. Since this is not a very gentle sport, you need to have proper equipment. This equipment includes gloves, bats, various pads and many protective parts of clothing. Bat is, unlike in baseball, on one side flat and round on the other, so you have an extra power when hitting a ball. Ball is usually red with white stitches (although it can be found in a white variant), made of cork and rope, with leather coating. It weighs around 150 grams, so when a professional player throws it in your direction you really need to have protective equipment.

Pitch is rectangular shaped, with wickets on both sides. Wicket is an object consisting of three sticks evenly stuck into the ground so the ball can’t pass between them, with two other parts called bails, placed on top of those sticks. Batting side (the one attacking) has its player called striker in front of their wicket and another with a bat on the other side where bowler is (the one in opposite team throwing a ball). The goal for defenders is to bowl out all strikers by hitting their wicket. When 10 players are out, defenders win that innings (spelled the same in singular and plural). However the goal for the batter is to strike a ball and to swap places( run) with other player with the bat on the other side of the pitch as many times as he can, before scattered members of other team don’t throw the stroked  ball to the bowler. The team that scores more runs wins. Around a pitch, there is outer field where defending players stand waiting for the ball.

Apart from these rules there are many more – time, game regulations, referees that are called umpires, dismissals and many others. However, what is described here is the most important part of the game of cricket.

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