How to Overcome Stage Fright

Stage fright can sometimes lead to very embarrassing situations, so here is some advice on how to overcome stage fright. First we must explain a few things about the stage fright. This problem can be solved just like any other problem. You have to find the cause first. Without knowing the cause, it is almost impossible to solve any problem. It is pretty much the same with your stage fright.

Stage Fright Causes

Stage fright is usually caused by a lack of self-confidence and feeling of insecurity. Together, these two can create a strong feeling of unease whenever a person finds himself among other people. A person usually has a fear of other people’s judgments and opinions.

Childhood and growing up has a lot to do with this problem. If your parents have always wanted you to be perfect and if they have always been criticizing you for anything you would (or wouldn’t) do – this can be the cause of your personal insecurity. If you are being criticized all the time – at work or at home, especially by your partner – this can lead to problems with self-confidence.

If you have had a public performance that didn’t go well, this could also contribute to your stage fright. You are probably afraid it will happen again.

Are you too hard on yourself? If you are constantly looking for your own flaws and questioning yourself about everything you are doing – this creates a pressure and affects your self-confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to believe in you?

How to Overcome Stage Fright When Speaking

Stage fright is often manifested through sudden and excessive sweating, problems with concentration and inability to focus. For example, if you have to speak in front of audience, you can start and then forget what you want to say. You can completely forget everything and fail to focus on your point. Your palms can get very sweaty. Sounds familiar? Here is what you can do: start focusing on your original thought. Write a short concept of your speech. That way you will not forget anything. Second, do not look around the audience. These people are just there to listen to what you have to say, not to judge you or criticize you. Relax! Those are only people – human beings, just like you! Keep in mind that they are also imperfect and all of them have their own flaws. You are not there to be judged by anyone. Do not look around you and do not pay much attention to anything but your own speech. Speak slowly and think only about what you have to say.

How to Overcome Stage Fright

Stage fright is often related to fear that something can go wrong. Think about this for a minute. Even if something goes wrong, what can be the results? What is the worst thing that can happen? Well… almost nothing. If you are relaxed and spontaneous, you can always make a funny remark and continue your performance. You will make it even more interesting and your audience will probably give you a great applause.

Practice your performance. Try to imagine that you are in front of two thousand people. Relax and try to speak, as you would do with a friend. People from the audience are just like any of your friends and they are certainly not there to wait for you to make a mistake and judge you.

Keep improving your self-esteem. This is something that you have to do every day. Do not let another day goes buy without improving your own opinion about yourself. Keep reminding yourself that you are doing a great job. Do not forget that you are a great, strong person. You can do anything if you focus on it. You don’t need us to tell you that! We are just here to remind you about it!

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