How to Memorize Lines Quickly

If you want to find out how to memorize lines quickly, read our article. If you need to memorize lines for a speech, play or any occasion, but you don’t know how to do it, this can be frustrating! Some people memorize lines easily, while other just don’t. However, there is a way to do this! People are usually nervous before speaking in front of many other people. They are usually afraid of missing the line or saying something wrong. First of all, you will have to forget about anxiety! If you get nervous before speaking in front of an audience, you will only make more mistakes and make the whole thing worse.

How to Memorize Lines

• Read the lines carefully and try making some sense out of the text. If you find some sense in it, it will be easier for you to memorize it. You need to make associations. Start associating what you are reading with other thoughts.

• You can memorize with sight. Visual method is great for memorizing information. You can use cards or pictures that are associated with the lines you need to memorize. Try memorizing the pictures! It will be like reading a picture story. That was exactly what you used to do when you were a kid – you used to read picture stories. You can make your own picture story and be creative. You will see that your speech or play won’t be so hard to memorize.

• You can memorize with feeling. Write down the lines you need to memorize. Writing itself is an effective way to memorize things. You can carry the lines with you and read it occasionally. Think about your own character. If you have to memorize some unemotional speech, this should not prevent you from incorporating some feelings into it. You can associate the lines with gestures and you can dramatize a bit! You will not be doing this during the actual speech or play, but this will help you memorize your lines.

• Think about the character you are playing. If you learn how to “think” like he or she thinks, it will be much easier for you to carry on in case you forget your lines. If you can’t remember the lines, just imagine what your character would say and just say it!

• Try memorizing with sound. Sound can be a very affective memorization tool. You can read your script and you can record other performers’ lines, too. Do not record your own lines, but leave blank spaces for them. Then start practicing by saying your lines at the right time.

• You can record the entire play, along with your lines. Listen to it whenever you get the chance. You will memorize your lines along with other performers’ lines and you will know what to say.

We hope these tips will be useful! However, one thing is very important. Do not panic! Even if you forget your lines, you will easily replace them with your own words, without any problems, but this will only be possible if you don’t panic.

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